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           Cobra Motorsports / Brownhornet Racing Team Info:

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Home Town : Wheatley Heights, New York

Year Started Racing :1999                                                               NYR  SCCA  Solo II  Formula Jr. Champion - 1999, 2000, and 2004.                                                                                                   LIKA   (Long Island Kart Association)  Jr Sportsman Champion-2001                                                                                                    Long Island Championship Jr Sportsman Champion-2001.      New  York  State Challenge Series Jr. Sportsman - Runner up - 2001                                                                                                    LIKA  Empire Challenge Series  Jr. Supercan Champion - 2003      Long Island Championship Series Jr. Supercan Champion - 2003  LIKA  Jr. Supercan Regional Class Point Leader - 2003                  Junior High School "A" Honor Roll Student - 2001/2002          2003 LaSalle Regional "Principal's Award" for Outstanding Service                                                                                                High School "A" Honor Roll Student  2003-2006                        2003 President's Education Award Program                    Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient                                      High School Magna Cum Laude Award winner 2004 & 2005      Polytechnic University Institute of NYU Dean's List - Engineering 2007 & 2008                                                                                              Registered Black Belt 1st Degree Taekwondo

Team Driver   Wes Henderson


The TaG Margay Venom
The TaG (Touch and Go) class of kart has gained popularity in this country more and more over the last few years. The TCM TaG package rides aboard a Margay brand chassis designed for the demands of the class. The water cooled, two stroke, single cylinder engine produces upwards of 30 horsepower thru a centrifugal clutch and in the 320 lb. configuration is capable of generating 2 1/2 G's of cornering force with top speeds of over 110 miles per hour. In kart Look behind black copy copy copy.gif (281344 bytes)

Oakland Valley 2001.jpg (230725 bytes) The Jr. Supercan is identical to the Formula Yamaha except that it uses a restrictive exhaust pipe, shape like a can with 4 holes to allow exhaust to escape. The result is greatly reduced horsepower and much closer racing      ........very similar to that of Nascar restrictor plate racing. To compensate, the rules allow for less weight, only 300 lbs.
The Yamaha 100cc Jr. Supercan Emmick Sprint Kart

This is the Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke Coyote Freeroller Autocross championship kart that carried Wes to 2 consecutive SCCA Regional Solo II championships. It is a stock, 5 horsepower single cylinder motor in a used chassis which was given to him as a birthday present. The wheels and tires were given as a present from NYR-SCCA for meritorious service. This combination was potent enough to split fields of full sized real cars in strong Autocross competition all during 2000!

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Team Owner

Team Manager and owner - GW Henderson

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Crew Chief and Assassin - George Zola